• High Tech Institute, 2007

  • Advanced Shoulder Therapy, 2009

  • Kinesio Taping 1&2, 2010

  • Integrated Manual Therapy, 2011

  • Current Course of Study: Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Northwestern Health Sciences University

Meet Alexis G - Master Level

I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2007. Even before graduating from High Tech Institute as valedictorian, I was seeking continuing education. I have attended 5 annual Massage Symposia at Northwestern Health Sciences University, and have been constantly seeking new and better ways to provide relief to my clients throughout my career. I strive to meet each and every person where they are at and tailor each massage to their comfort level and treatment need. I enjoy educating clients on ways they can prolong their treatment benefits, hoping they might come back because they WANT to and not because they NEED to.

I am excited to be back in school seeking my Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degrees! Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine will increase the depth and scope of my ability to help others. It is also a great way to feed my desire to learn more about the body and how it works and heals. Soon I will be able to provide cupping as a treatment option.



  • CenterPoint School for Massage and Shiatsu, 2003

  • Advanced Pre-Natal Massage Training, 2004

  • Advanced Head/Neck/Shoulder Therapy, 2003

  • KinesioTaping Levels 1 & 2, 2011

Meet Michelle Q - Master Level

I have been practicing in the Massage Therapy field since 2004. Through my many years in this career, I have developed and finely tuned my skills in the realm of therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, integrating my knowledge with logic and intuition to provide relief to my clients. In addition to the classes I have taken, I have spent countless hours with my nose buried in anatomy books and picking the brains of many others in the body therapy field. My greatest desire is to empower my clients and help them fully "inhabit" and take ownership of their own bodies.

A former co-worker once told me she thinks my "specialty" is "specialty" and I am inclined to agree. I thrive on a challenge, and love helping when people feel at a loss with how to cope with their pain and discomfort. I also highly value working as a part of a team of professionals and thus welcome the opportunity to communicate and cross-refer with professionals from other many other medical, health and wellness professions.